All Pullman Tampers are 100% Australian-made and can be manufactured to suit any coffee machine.

Which tamper for me?

Photo of tamper Photo of tamper

One common question we often hear is, "Which tamper is better - the Barista or the Nexus? The short answer is - neither; they have different features which will appeal to different people.

The Barista tamper is the flagship product, offering a full feature set - a wide range of handle materials and colours, choices for bases, a range of engraving options, all wrapped up in a product that came about through extensive pre-production consultation and prototyping with commercial operators to ensure it was ready for prime time from day 1. The result has been a unit which meets the unique requirements of high-volume high-quality commercial espresso bars and has exceeded the expectations of those involved in the prototyping process. The Barista was released in 2008.

The Nexus tamper offers a classic ergonomic shape, a choice of handle and base styles and simple but solid componentry. The Nexus is a mid-range product and is ideal for those who don't need the features or higher price of the Barista.

Either tamper is suitable for commercial or domestic use and can be made to suit any machine, but here's a brief list of reasons why you may choose to buy one tamper or the other:

Nexus Tamper

Barista Tamper

  • You prefer the aesthetics or ergonomics
  • You prefer a bottom-heavy tamper
  • You prefer the simple, classic appearance
  • Your budget doesn't allow for a Barista tamper
  • You prefer the aesthetics or ergonomics
  • You prefer a balanced and/or lighter tamper
  • You want a metal handle
  • You want a particular colour that is only available in the Barista range
  • You want the flexibility of adjustable handle height
  • You prefer the comfort of the rubber finger area
Photo of Nexus tamper with Jarrah handle Photo of Barista tamper with Burgundy Red Aluminium handle


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