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Photo of Quaha Napoletana IIPhoto of Quaha Junior II

The first espresso machine I owned was the the Quaha Napoletana II. It is manufactured by a small Italian company who OEM manufacture for several other companies, so the machine also goes under the names of the Imat Napoletana II and Imat Mokita Combi, as well as Nemox Dell Opera. Most of these companies have their own websites, branding peculiarities and model range so there may be some subtle differences but in the main they're often the same machine.

I owned this from mid 2002 until late 2006, when it was sold to make way for a machine with commercial size filter basket, which was necessary for ongoing tamper development. This section of the site contains various bits of information I collected during my ownership of this machine.

The Napoletana (Mokita Combi) and Junior (Mokita) Espresso machines are great little units. They were originally designed and manufactured by Imat, then Quaha took over manufacturing, and now it's back to Imat! Featuring a brass boiler, solid brass portafilter, 3 way valve (on series II machines), stainless steel construction and a built-in burr grinder (on Napoletana), they represent supreme value for money. There are a number of modified versions on the market including the Nemox Cafe Dell Opera, each with their individual differences (colour, gauges, portafilter designs, etc).

That's not to say the machines are perfect - while it's an excellent machine, especially for the price, I've identified a number of design shortcomings. Fortunately in a number of cases, I've been able to identify appropriate solutions to a number of these problems, and if you own one of these machines, you may benefit from the tips listed in this section. You may also appreciate the 'how-to' guides when you first come to some of the maintenance which is periodically required.

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